TOA WT5810F01AS Wireless Receiver (636-666Mhz)

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The WT-5810 F01US Portable Space Diversity 16-Channel Wireless Tuner from Toa Electronics is designed for use on the UHF band, and is suitable for vocal or speech reinforcement applications. It features a compander circuit, which minimizes the influence of ambient noise. The WT-5810 F01US Wireless Tuner is a PLL-synthesizer controlled double superheterodyne true diversity tuner to be used in UHF wireless systems. It employs a compander noise reduction circuit to minimize the influence of ambient RF noise.


  •     An optimized PLL-synthesizer drastically minimizes the oscillation frequency drift resulting from the ambient temperature changes


  •     The Scan function indicates available idle channels and is useful when changing the operating frequency


  •     The LCD screen indicates the current operating frequency, as well as RF and AF levels


  •     Antenna distribution outputs and audio cascade inputs facilitate connection of another unit to build a dual-channel system


  •     64 selectable RF channels


  •     True diversity reception


  •     Two detachable antennas



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