Optogate auto microphone gate


1x Optogate PB-05E – automatic microphone gate


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The PB-05 is an automatic microphone gate unit which is based on the latest optical technology. The PB-05 is plugged between microphone and cable, and is equipped with an infrared sensor. The PB-05 senses if someone is in front of the microphone and will automatically switch on the microphone with a red status LED. Once the person moves away from the microphone, it will turn off.

The distance can be adjusted between 15cm and 120cm with the help of a Trim Pot.

The PB-05 works with 48v phantom power. Condenser microphones can be used in connection with the PB-05D or PB-05M versions, in which case the phantom power passes the microphone. Dynamic microphones can also be used in all three versions of the PB-05. A small push button on the top allows the user to toggle between \”Mic On\” and \”Optogate Enable\”.

The PB-05 is ideal for lead and backing vocal mics, acoustical instruments and talk back mics. The PB-05 is the best and easiest solution for the most common problems in live applications. It eliminates unwanted backgound noise of other instruments into unused microphones on stage and bring clarity to the mix; and the dynamics will be increased due to less phase cancellation and backgound noise. It also reduces the possibility of feedback from unused mics.

The PB-05 is available in 3 versions.

The PB-05M has an attenuation of -42 dB in the \”Mic Off\” position. The PB-05D reduces the signal at -16 dB, which is sometimes preferred with in-ear applications. The PB-05E is a cheaper version with the same performance of the PB-05M/D models, however it works only with dynamic microphones.


  • Turns off your mic automatically via infrared when you are not using it
  • No false audio triggers
  • Set the distance and go
  • Eliminate unwanted sound from going to your mix, monitors, and mains
  • Excellent for in-ear monitors and very loud stage environments
  • Your sound will be better than EVER before
  • Your ears and your Audiences will thank you
  • You will not be able to live without it anymore…