Ex-Hire L’Acoustic HiQ115XT (Pair in Case)

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Ex hire unit. Good working condition with hire markings on unit and some cosmetic damage.

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The 115XT HiQ is the high-end model within the L-ACOUSTICS® XT coaxial series, designed for
stage monitor and distributed FOH applications. It operates as an active 2-way enclosure, over a
frequency bandwidth from 50 Hz to 20 kHz which can be lowered to 32 Hz with the addition of the
SB18 subwoofer.
The 115XT HiQ enclosure contains a 3’’ diaphragm compression driver loaded onto a constant
directivity conical waveguide united in a coaxial configuration with a 15’’ low frequency transducer.
Integrated into a compact low profile bass-reflex tuned enclosure this coaxial transducer arrangement
produces a 50° axi-symmetric directivity output along with a smooth tonal response free of any
secondary lobes over the entire frequency range, resulting in exceptional immunity to feedback
especially in monitoring situations.
Made of high-grade Baltic birch plywood, the wedge-shaped cabinet design makes the 115XT HiQ
perfectly suited to short or long throw monitoring use with two fixed angle settings of 30˚ and 60°
from vertical. The 115XT HiQ can also be pole-mounted using the integrated socket or flown using
the complementary ETR15 bracket or XTLIFTBAR accessory.
The control and amplification of the 115XT HiQ is managed by the L-ACOUSTICS® LA8 platform.
The active DSP filtering encompasses advanced crossover functions, system EQ, HF and LF transducer
time alignment, and dual protection of the transducers (PEAK and RMS). The L-ACOUSTICS® LA8
amplified controller offers the following drive modes:
• ‘‘FULL RANGE’’ mode for 115XT HiQ standalone use at nominal bandwidth
([HIQ_FR], [HIQ_FI] and [HIQ_MO] presets)
• ‘‘HIGH-PASS’’ mode with 100 Hz high-pass filter to possibly associate the complementary
SB18 subwoofer ([HIQ_FR_100], [HIQ_FI_100] and [HIQ_MO_100] presets)
For each mode a distinction is drawn between [FRONT], [FILL] and [MONITOR] presets as they
respectively match front of house, distributed applications and half-space loading operating conditions.
The performances of the 115XT HiQ enclosure depend upon the choice of preset and physical
system configuration.