Ex Hire – Klark Teknik DN410 Parametric Equaliser

Ex hire unit. Good working condition with hire markings on unit and some cosmetic damage.


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The DN-410 is two-channel, five band parametric equaliser with separate high and low-pass filters. Each band is identical with a decade switch to select centre frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. This enables filters to be overlapped to provide notch filtering and creative EQ effects. Each band has a defeat switch and there’s a hardware relay bypass. The DN-410 can operate as a two-channel, 5-band equaliser or a 10-band mono unit

The DN410 is easy to use with smooth controls & switches and detented zero positions for the boost / cut controls. Each band has a three-way multiplier switch to change frequency range in decades (20-200, 200-2000 & 2000-20,000 Hz) so there’s no mystery about what each band does – they’re all the same. There are no peaking / shelf switches but using the EQ at frequency extremes, with the bandwidth at the broadest setting, gives a very smooth shelving response. The manual has graphs illustrating this