Ex Hire – BSS FDS-366T

Ex hire unit. Good working condition with hire markings on unit and some cosmetic damage.


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One FDS-366 can drive a true stereo 3-way system, or 3 bi-amp outputs for monitors. Add more units and MIDI slave linking to make stereo 4, 5 and even 6-way systems.

Typical applications:


  • Stereo 3-way.
  • Stereo 2-way plus sub from input C.
  • Triple Bi-amp for stage monitors, with delay and EQ.
  • Dual tri-amp for stage monitors.
  • 96kHz Studio monitoring systems.
  • LCR Monitoring systems (post-production).
  • 6-way systems.
  • 4-way plus 2 full range outputs with separate delay and EQ.
  • 6-way Zoning ( full range outputs, giving delays, EQ and limiters on all zones )

For more information please see manufacturers website: https://bssaudio.com/en/products/fds-366t