DX Link dLive audio networking card



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The DX Link audio networking card (M-DL-DXLINK) is one of several audio networking options that can be fitted to any Allen & Heath dLive I/O Port. It provides 4 DX Link ports each carrying 32×32 channels of 96kHz audio, that can be used to connect to dLive DX expander units in either Parallel or Redundant mode.

In Redundant mode, 1 DX32, DX168 or DX164-W expander can be connected to each pair of DX Link ports using 2 Cat5e or higher cables per redundant connection. In Parallel mode, 1 DX32 or up to 2 DX168/DX164-W expanders can be connected to each DX Link port allowing up to 128 remote inputs and 64 remote outputs to be added to the dLive system per DX Link module.


4 DX Link ports

Locking etherCON connectors

Compatible with DX32, DX168 and DX164 audio expanders

Add up to 128 inputs and 64 outputs to a dLive system per DX Link module

Redundant or Parallel connection modes

96kHz sample rate



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