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The extensive xS-Series provide a wide variety of size, output power and dispersion patterns to satisfy the exact demands of a permanent application and are the ideal solution for installation. With their unobtrusive cabinet design the xS loudspeakers are ideally positioned within a variety of venues including restaurants, bars, lounges, conference and meeting facilities, assembly halls and lecture theatres. For added flexibility rotatable horns enable the loudspeakers to be deployed in either orientation while the cardioid subwoofer technology delivers low frequencies exactly where they’re needed and not behind the system. For applications with greater demands, the 24S, 24S-D and 21S-SUB sit at a higher performance level, offering an extended frequency response, increased directivity control and a higher output for improved speech intelligibility and higher gain before feedback in night clubs, theatres, medium sized sport and multipurpose halls and houses of worship. All xS-Series cabinets and accessories come in black as standard with the exception of 4S, 5S, 8S and the 12S-SUB, which are also available in white as standard, together with their respective accessories. All xS cabinets are available matched to any RAL colour, while a Weather Resistant option provides an IP34 rating for protection against adverse weather conditions for all but the 4S and 5S cabinets, which have polyamide casings that already meet IP34. The 10S / 10S-D, 12S / 12S-D and 24S / 24S-D loudspeaker enclosures are Ball Impact Resistant according to DIN 18032-3 for sports and multipurpose halls.