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With its clean, lightweight design and narrow and wide dispersion options the xA-Series fits stylishly and efficiently within a wide variety of applications, including houses of worship, small to medium sized sports venues, opera houses, town halls and night clubs. This scalable system comprises two horizontally or vertically arrayable point sources and two line array loudspeakers for vertical deployment. Providing a frequency response from 60 Hz to 18 kHz the point sources can be used as a full range system or supplemented by either the xA or xS-Series subwoofers. The line array modules can be flown independently or underneath the cardioid 27A-SUB, which significantly reduces the reverberant field at low frequencies and provides exceptional accuracy in low frequency reproduction. All xA cabinets are available matched to any RAL colour, while a Weather Resistant option provides an IP34 rating for protection against adverse climatic conditions. All xA-Series enclosures are Ball Impact Resistant according to DIN 18032-3 for sports and multipurpose halls.