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d&b subwoofers come in all shapes and sizes: whether large or small, permanently installed or mobile, flown or ground stacked, the d&b subwoofer solutions provide an adequate frequency extension for any sound reinforcement application. The 2-Way Active J-SUB houses three 18” drivers and creates a cardioid pattern to reject energy towards the rear; extending the frequency response even further is the J-INFRA subwoofer, which contains three 21” drivers.

The passive cardioid V-SUB, V-GSUB, Y-SUB, along with the installation variants all share a similar driver arrangement as the B4-SUB, 27S-SUB and 27A-SUB. They are all driven by a single amplifier channel, featuring a patented design with a driver in a bass-reflex facing to the front and a driver in a twin chamber bandpass arrangement radiating towards the rear. The B6-SUB, Bi6-SUB and B22-SUB are inherently omnidirectional, but when operated in multiples of three and in a Cardioid Subwoofer Array, still provide exceptional low frequency directivity control. All d&b subwoofers can be incorporated into the ArrayCalc simulation software, where they can be predicted and arranged in a SUB array to produce even coverage in the horizontal plane. The smallest d&b subwoofers are the mobile E12X-SUB and E15X-SUB, housing a 12” and a 15” driver respectively, while the 12S-SUB and 18S-SUB are designed to be ground stacked in permanent installations. Completing the collection are the T-SUB and Ti-SUB, intended for ground stacked or flown applications with the T-Series TOP loudspeakers, and the 18A-SUB, designed for flown applications in any permanently installed sound reinforcement solution.