Product Review: AKG C411 Miniature Condenser [Contact] Microphone

Josh and the team from Graffic Jam tested out the AKG C411 Miniature Condenser [Contact] Microphone here is what they thought about the Microphone following their first review of the Optogate PB-05E Proximity Triggered Gate. Hey guys, Josh here from Graffic Jam with a review of the AKG C411 Miniature Contact Microphone which we got […]

Product Review: Optogate PB-05E Proximity Triggered Gate

We gave the boys at Graffic Jam some gear to road test. Here is what Josh from Graffic Jam had to say about one of our Proximity Triggered gates, the Optogate PBE-05E. Hey guys, Josh here from Graffic Jam. Just going to talk to you a little bit about the Optogate PB-05E from Axel Joost […]

Introducing Sebastian Marks – General Manager at Audio Technik

As General Manager of Audio Technik, Sebastian Marks comes with a wealth of experience. Having worked in the entertainment industry for 15 years, he has had the privilege of working on theatre productions, professional musicals and large-scale concerts. Sebastian started working in audio whilst studying at WAPPA, picking up casual work in pubs and theatres […]

Tony Bryan: Sound Engineer for Jimmy Barnes & Birds of Tokyo

Recently our man, Tony Bryan, spent some time with the Digital Hitmen, Brad and Stev, to provide some insight into life as a sound engineer for iconic Australian acts such as Jimmy Barnes, Birds of Tokyo and Grinspoon, as well as working for us here at Audio Technik! Stev: It’s time to turn down the […]

What you need to know when booking a Perth audio company

Whether you’re organizing a music concert, a corporate function or a school sporting event, one thing is certain; you will need reliable and quality audio so that your audience can immerse themselves in the experience you have created. Think about the last music concert you attend. Was the sound quality crisp, clear and projecting at […]

Audio Technik Gets Behind Graffic Jam

On the back of announcing our recent partnership with Perth Festival, Audio Technik is thrilled to throw our support behind the local Perth music scene through a partnership with Graffic Jam. Graffic Jam was born when two film producers with a passion for live music teamed up three friends, studying audio and graphic design at […]