A list of our current Inventory:

Non d&b Speakers:

QSC K10 (Powered)
QSC K12 (Powered)
KX 1.2 Subwoofer (Powered)
TC-631 Reflex Horn Speakers


For our d&b speaker range click here:  Our d&b Range


Microphones & DI's


ARX Audiobox USB DI
Radial J48
Radial JDI-MK4 2CH


Wired Microphones:    
Dynamic:  Condenser:  
Audix D6  AKG C414 Rode NT5
Beyerdynamic M69  AKG C451 Sennheiser e901
Beyerdynamic M88  Audio Technica AT4080 Sennheiser HSP-2
Heil PR40  Barcus Berry 4000XL Sennheiser ME-2
Sennheiser E604  Beyerdynamic 315 Gooseneck Sennheiser ME-3
Sennheiser E606  Beyerdynamic GM305 Sennheiser ME-4
Sennheiser E835S  Beyerdynamic SHM205 Sennheiser MKE 2-4 Gold-C
Sennheiser E902  Crown PCC 160 Sennheiser MKH416
Sennheiser E904  DPA 4099 Shure KSM9
Sennheiser E906  DPA 4088F Shure B91
Sennheiser E935  DPA 4066F Shure B91A
Sennheiser MD421  DPA 4061B Shure B98
Shure 55SH series 2  Earthworks M23 Shure B98AMP
Shure B52A  JTS CM20UL Shure KSM137
Shure B56A  Kel HM-1 Shure KSM32
Shure B57A  Leon LSM900 Shure SM27
Shure B58A  Mann M11 Shure SM81
Shure SM57  Neumann KM184 Shure SM86
Shure SM58  Neumann KMS105 Shure WH10


Wireless Microphones:      
Receivers: Transmitters: Cartridges: Accessoires:
Sennheiser EM300 G2 Dual Diversity Sennheiser SKM300 G2 Handheld  Sennheiser E835 Sennheiser A5000CP Helical Antenna
Sennheiser EM300 G2 True Diversity Sennheiser SKM300 G3 Handheld  Sennheiser E945 Sennheiser A1031U Paddle Antenna
Sennheiser EM100 G3 Diversity Shure UR1 Bodypack  Sennheiser ME 865-1
Sennheiser A2003 UHF Passive Directional Antenna
Shure UR4D Dual Channel Diversity Shure UR2 Handheld  Shure B58A Sennheiser AC1 Antenna Combiner
Shure ULXD-Quad Shure ULXD1 Bodypack  Shure B87 Sennheiser ASP212 Antenna Splitter
  Shure ULXD2 Handheld

 Shure KSM9

Shure UA874WB Wideband Active Antenna
 Shure SM58 Shure AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager
  Shure PA8055SWB Active Paddle Antenna
      Shure UA820G 1/2 Wave Omni Aerial (470-530 MHz)
      Shure UA820G 1/2 Wave Omni Aerial (626-698 MHz)
      Shure UA860SWB Omnidirectional Antenna (470-1100 MHz)
      Shure UA870WB Wideband Antenna
      Shure UAMS/BK Modular Mute Switch


Mixing Consoles


Analogue:  Digital:  
Mackie Onyx 1220  Avid Venue Profile  Midas Pro9
Mackie Onyx 1640  Avid Venue SC48  Presonus Studio Live 1642
Midas XL200  Avid D-show  Presonus Studio Live 1602
Midas XL250  Avid D-show Sidecar  Yamaha M7CL 
Midas XL316 Sidecar  Digico SD8 (Stealth Core 2)  Yamaha 01V96
Midas XL340  Digico SD10 (Stealth Core 2)  Yamaha LS9
   Digico SD11 (Stealth Core 2)
 Yamaha PM5D-RH
   Digico SD5 (Stealth Core 2)  Midas Pro2




Shure PSM 600 Body Pack


Reciever:  Transmitter:  Accessories:
Sennheiser EK 300 Body Pack  Sennheiser SR 300  Sennheiser AC3000 Antenna Combiner
Sennheiser EK 2000 Body Pack  Sennheiser SR 2050  Sennheiser AC3200-II Active Transmitter Combiner
Shure PSM 900 P9R Body Pack  Sennheiser SR 350 Dual Channel  Sennheiser AC2 Transmitter Combiner
Shure PSM 1000 PT10R Body Pack  Shure PSM 900  Shure PA821A Antenna Combiner
   Shure PSM 1000 Dual Channel  Shure UA845 Antenna Combiner
 Shure PA821SWB Antenna Combiner
 Shure non-SCL3 Earbuds
 Shure SCL3 Earbuds
     Shure SE315 Earbuds




Distro's:  Cables/Adaptors:  
400A Powerlock Distro  10A 240V - 32A Single Phase C-form  32A Wilco
63A Monitor Distro  32A Single Phase C-form  32A Wilco - 32A C-form
32A Distro  10A 240V  63A 3-phase
63A Distro  10A 240V - IEC  PowerLok
Powerwise 32A Distro  10A 240V - Powercon  
   32A C-form  
   32A C-Form M - 32A Wilco F  


Playback & Record


Playback:  Record:  
Denon T620 CD/Tape  Tascam CD-RW901SL  
Denon CN-C620 CD  Denon DN-F650R SS Rec  
Denon CD-C640 CD  Denon DN1050R  
Denon D4500 CD/MP3  Sony MDS JE520  
Denon DN-620 CD  
Denon HD2500 CD/MP3/HDD  
Sony CDP-CE375  


Effects & Processing


Effects:  Processing:  
Lexicon PCM70  Avalon VT-737-SM  
Lexicon PCM96  BSS DPP 402 Stereo Comp/Limiter  
TC M5000  DBX 160A Comp/Limiter  
TC D2 Multi-Tap Rhythm Delay  DBX 166XL Comp/Gate
Yamaha SPX1000  Smart C2 Dual Compressor
Yamaha SPX990  Summit DCL-200 Dual Comp/Limiter
Yamaha SPX2000  Klark Technik DN3600 Graphic EQ
Sony CDP-CE375  Drawmer DS201 Dual Channel Gate




XLR Cables  
Speakon Cables  
EP5 Cables  
LK Cables  
Socapex Cables  
Ethercon Cables  


Other Items

Audio Technik also have a wide range of other items including:

CM Chain Motors  
LK Stage Box Systems  
Comms Systems  
Konig & Meyer Stands  
& Many more